Listen in as Barnet Sherman discusses the importance of technology in driving growth in the bond world. Here he is featured as a guest speaker on nationally syndicated Bond Buyer podcast.

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Hi I’m Trip Boyt and welcome to another edition of the Bond Buyer podcast. I am here today with my colleague Aaron Weisman and with special guest Barnet Sherman. We are going to discuss the importance of technology and driving growth in the municipal bond market.

Skip to: 7:08 Putting this all together, all this credit and market data aggregation, and scrubbing is helping create efficiencies in another area of market valuation.

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Those are the three big drivers, economics, indexing, regulation that are pushing technological solutions in all aspects of the municipal bond market forward to a tipping point.

Look, these are not meant to be the only factors. There are other market factors. We have some issues with declining re-issue supply, dramatic increase in the ##@@@!! growth, so it may not be inclusive, but I really do think those are the top three.

Before we move on, I have a couple of questions,

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Audio from “Nightfall – Episode 028 – A Short Wave Goodbye”

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