Eagle Scout. Ivy League Graduate.

Mr. Sherman’s undergraduate degree is from Syracuse University, his MPA from Columbia University. He is an Eagle Scout and a member of the Screen Actors Guild©.

Who’s Who in America for Ten Consecutive Years.

Mr. Sherman has been recognized by Who’s Who in America, Who’s Who in Business and Industry and Smith’s Municipal Analyst All-Stars.

Published Author. Portfolio Manager.

Barnet’s perspective comes from his over 30 years of municipal bond market experience in portfolio management and credit analysis.

Barnet Sherman


During his spare time, Barnet is something of a hobbyist photographer. Check out his works at Tenbar Photography and see the keen eye for capturing his subject matter.

Meyer Sherman (1929-2013) was born on January 1 – the first baby born in Brooklyn, NY that year. The youngest of four, he grew up in a tenement building and started his painting on paper bags hi smother would bring him.

His formal training would come years later, after serving his country in the Korean Conflict. Upon his return, Sherman was able to earn a Bachelors of Arts on his GI Bill.  See his works here.

Tenbar Creative , a Tenbar Group, LLC company, was created for the artist, filmmaker, actor or writer seeking a collaborative partner who understands both the creative process as well as the business planning necessary to bring work from concept to completion. Discover more here.

Barnet is the voice of integrity. His voice-over skills has been heard on the top News outlets, TV networks, and radio stations across America.   Barnet has a voice that connects with audiences.  Go ahead and LISTEN for yourself.

The story is a simple one.  Barnet has always liked wine and the people who are part of wine.  During his travels, he often visits places that grow grapes and make wine from them. So it only followed that he would start WineGuyTraveler to share where he has visited and what has tipped his palate.